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As we’ve had a small influx of followers in the last week, I believe that I should address the reason for my absence. My computer has completely broken down, and lately I have had no luck in finding a job, so I cannot afford to repair or buy a new one. The last 5 or so pics were taken on my phone. That being said, I strongly dislike the quality of those pics. Therefore I will be on hiatus until I resolve my computer problems. I am doodling on an iPad, and if I like the results, I’ll post them. I do not own a stylus though, so “quality” doodles are few and far between. Rest assured I am still doodling on paper, I just have no way to properly record them.

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This is what I’m working on now. It was originally going to be one of those freestanding doorways where it goes somewhere completely unrelated to the current location, but I decided to do this pattern instead.

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Ghost pirate with a completely unrelated accidental spyglass

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A cat (with a butterfly), a crab, and an unfinished bat

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Still Here!!

Among other things I busted my computer trying to fix it. I’ve been doodling a bit so posts will continue (hopefully at a more consistent rate). For now pictures will be taken from my phone. While they will be of lower quality I will still be able to post

Here we have a man in a cloak -I will likely update these next few photos when I get my computer working again (or after I buy a new one).
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A falchion like sword I doodled today

I also did some sparse pencil detailing, but this time of day (9pm) is not good for taking detailed pics. I’ll post those tomorrow as an exta.

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Bunch of flying insects I doodled around midnight

And just to those who don’t know; drawing symmetry is a pain in the ass.

The “special” insect the furthest to the right took me ages to get right.

Made in Tayasui Sketches

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Man in park

Made in Tayasui sketches

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Celebratory Milestones



In case you are wondering these are the planned celebratory milestones (this will count for followers, likes, and/or reblog records):











And so on. I hope to do something special at each of these like a special doodle/question, so I hope you’ll be a part of this blog when it comes.


Double Woop

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Old man with a beer